Tolkien Art Index

1 TAI reproductions in The History of the Hobbit (revised & expanded)

Rateliff, John D. The History of The Hobbit (second ed.). London: HarperCollins, 2013.


This is a listing of all works in the Tolkien Art Index reproduced in The History of the Hobbit (revised & expanded), presented in the same order. Insofar as TAI at this time indexes only artwork that is not demonstrably un-related to Middle-earth (see Purpose & Scope), this may not represent a complete listing of Tolkien’s art in The History of the Hobbit (revised & expanded). Note that, as a side effect of presenting items in the order in which they’re reproduced in a book, items represented more than once within the book will be duplicated in this listing.

TAI #133Thror’s Map (original version)See also TAI #134

On folio with TAI #134.

Marquette MS. Tolkien MSs-1/1/1
artifacts maps
black ink
arrows · compass roses mountains · hills rivers · lakes · seas trees · forests
Celduin (River Running) Dale The Desolation of Smaug Erebor (The Lonely Mountain) Esgaroth (Lake-town) The Forest River Long Lake Mirkwood Rhovanion (Wilderland) The Withered Heath
1987The Hobbit A·3·yii–iiimonochrome
1988Annotated Hobbit 1 A·3·dd29monochrome
2002Annotated Hobbit 2 plate 4, top
2002Annotated Hobbit 2 10monochrome
2004Invented Worlds 9
2007History of Hobbit vol. 1 frontispiece
2011Art of Hobbit 5024
2011History of Hobbit 2 frontispiece 1recto
2011Double Worlds/Creative Process front coverpartially obscured
2018Maker of Middle-earth [291]item 134
2019Voyage en Terre du Milieu 11648as “Carte de Thror (esquisse)”

All images by J.R.R. Tolkien are copyright © The Tolkien Estate Limited or © The Tolkien Trust. The omission of greeting cards and jigsaw puzzles from the above list of sources is intentional.