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Art showing The Gladden Fields : 2 items

TAI #14WilderlandSee also TAI #463
Bodleian MS. Tolkien Drawings 35r
friezes maps
black ink blue ink
arrows · compass roses dragons mountains · hills roads · paths spiders · insects trees · forests
Anduin Bruinen (Loudwater) Carrock Celduin (River Running) The Desolation of Smaug Erebor (The Lonely Mountain) Ered Mithrin (Grey Mountains) Esgaroth (Lake-town) The Forest River The Old Forest Road The Gladden Fields River Gladden Greylin River Langwell Long Lake Mirkwood Misty Mountains (Hithaeglir) Mitheithel (Hoarwell) Mount Gundabad Mountains of Mirkwood Rhovanion (Wilderland) Rhudaur Rivendell (Imladris) The Withered Heath
1937The Hobbit A·3·bback endsheetin red and black; two-page spread
1987Hobbit: Drawings, W’colors, MSs D·ii·664452monochrome
1988Annotated Hobbit 1 A·3·dd336monochrome
1991’92 Diary E·ii·291992-06-26dragon only, in red, mirror image
1995Art. & Ill. 9487monochrome
2002Annotated Hobbit 2 399monochrome
2018Maker of Middle-earth [318–19]item 144in blue and black
2018Tolkien Treasures 96in blue and black
2018Tolkien Treasures [97]enlarged detail; in blue and black
2018Writer’s Map [72–3]in red and black; two-page spread
2019Voyage en Terre du Milieu [136]–763as “La Contrée Sauvage, illustration du Hobbit”; in blue and black; two-page spread
TAI #142Sketch map from the Hobbit manuscript
Marquette MS. Tolkien 1/1/7/10
black ink pencil
buildings mountains · hills rivers · lakes · seas roads · paths trees · forests
Anduin Carrock The Gladden Fields River Gladden Mirkwood Misty Mountains (Hithaeglir) Rhovanion (Wilderland)
1987Hobbit: Drawings, W’colors, MSs D·ii·663129
2011Art of Hobbit 7245

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