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TAI #134Erebor sketchSee also TAI #133

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Marquette MS. Tolkien MSs-1/1/1
perspectives tableaux
mountains · hills rivers · lakes · seas
Celduin (River Running) Erebor (The Lonely Mountain)
1987The Hobbit A·3·yiiimonochrome
2002Annotated Hobbit 2 plate 4, top
2002Annotated Hobbit 2 10monochrome
2004Invented Worlds 9
2007History of Hobbit frontispiecerecto
2011Art of Hobbit 5024
2011Double Worlds/Creative Process front coveralmost entirely obscured
2018Maker of Middle-earth [291]item 134, lower right
2019Voyage en Terre du Milieu 11648, lower right

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