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TAI #25‘Moria Gate’

As is well known by now, fragments MS. Tolkien Drawings 72r and MS Tolkien Drawings 89, fol. 15r, are actually one drawing. verso is TAI #376.

Bodleian MS. Tolkien Drawings 72r & MS. Tolkien Drawings 89 fol. 15r
Durin’s doors
colored pencil pencil
architecture mountains · hills rivers · lakes · seas trees · forests
Eregion (Hollin) Moria
1972’73 Calendar (Ball.) E·ii·5Septemberlower portion
1972’73 Calendar (Ball.) E·ii·5Octoberupper portion
1973’74 Calendar (Unwin) E·ii·6Novemberupper portion
1973’74 Calendar (Ball.) E·ii·7Septemberlower portion
1973’74 Calendar (Ball.) E·ii·7Octoberupper portion
1976’77 Calendar (Unwin) E·ii·12Marchupper portion
1979Pictures 1 E·i·2[55]22, rightupper portion
1979Pictures 1 E·i·2a, E·i·2b[59]24lower portion
1992Life & Legend 69151upper portion
1992Pictures 2 E·i·2c[57]23lower portion; (items 23 and 24 were switched for this edition to make Moria items adjacent)
1995Art. & Ill. 157148upper portion
1995Art. & Ill. 157149lower portion
2015Art of LR 6439
2018Maker of Middle-earth [344–45]item 155lower portion
2018Maker of Middle-earth [347]item 156upper portion
2018Tolkien Treasures 112lower portion
2018Tolkien Treasures [113]upper portion
2019Voyage en Terre du Milieu 11142 & 43as “Porte de la Moria”

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