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TAI #27“Halls of Manwe on the Mountains of the World above Faerie”

Penciled on verso, “Halls of Manwe on the / Mountains of the World / above Faerie”. Also referred to as “Taniquetil.”

Bodleian MS. Tolkien Drawings 89, fol. 13r
black ink watercolor white body color
clouds · mists · snow mountains · hills rivers · lakes · seas ships · boats stars sun
Taniquetil (Oiolossë)
1973’74 Calendar (Unwin) E·ii·6January
1977’78 Calendar (Unwin) E·ii·15March
1978’79 Desk Calendar (Ball.) E·ii·20front cover
1978’79 Desk Calendar (Ball.) E·ii·20Decemberrecto
1978’79 Desk Calendar (Ball.) E·ii·20back cover
1979Pictures 1 E·i·2[73]31
1991’92 Diary E·ii·291992-02-03reversed
1992Life & Legend front cover
1992Life and Legend · exhibition poster
1995Art. & Ill. front cover
1995Art. & Ill. 5652
2015Tolkien Estate web site Website Illustrations gallery4th item (“Halls of Manwë ~ Taniquetil”)
2018Maker of Middle-earth [221]item 72
2018Tolkien Treasures 66
2018Tolkien Treasures [67]detail showing swan boat and Elven city of Alqualondë (“Swanhaven”)
2019Voyage en Terre du Milieu 209132as “Halls de Manwë (Taniquetil)”
2020Worlds of Tolkien 73

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