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TAI #62“Eärendil” heraldic device

Oriented on page such that the four star tails extend to the SW, with “Earendil” inscribed in pencil to the right, with the same orientation. However, there is an arrow pointing NE, and another “Earendil (2)” inscription with that orientation; if that’s done, then the tails of the stars travel straight down, as if the stars are rising, rather than falling.

Bodleian MS. Tolkien Drawings 91, fol. 35r
heraldic devices
blue ink colored pencil pencil
emblems · insignia stars
1977’78 Calendar (Unwin) E·ii·15Februarylower right[unsure of orientation]
1978’79 Desk Calendar (Ball.) E·ii·20Februaryverso (left)rotated 180º

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