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Despite my reliance on the good work of so many others, any errors in this index are strictly my own. But I encourage you to contact me if you spot something that needs to be changed or added.

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Forthcoming (sooner):

2020-06-13: Worlds Added John Garth’s beautiful new book, The Worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien: The Places That Inspired Middle-earth [UK: at Blackwell’s] [US:at], which contains 15 lovely reproductions of previously published items.

2020-04-06: Small adjustments to the underlying HTML and CSS have brought much fresher, crisper-looking TAI pages. The page dedicated to “copyright” has for now been deleted: its content duplicated content from the footer of every TAI page.

Most important, the header and footer of each page have been completely redesigned and rewritten in order to integrate TAI into the new Tolkienists web site. TAI is still researched and published by Erik Mueller-Harder at Vermont Softworks, LLC, but it’s more logically hosted at the Tolkienists’s domain.

2019-10-27: Voyage Only one new item (belatedly!), but nevertheless another large update, including 126 listings added for the Bibliothèque nationale de France’s Tolkien: Voyage en Terre du Milieu exhibition and its exhibition catalogue [at]. I understand that there is also a small-format book of reproductions, currently available only at the BnF gift shop; I’ll add this data as soon as practical.

In addition, I’ve added three publication entries for already-listed pieces of artwork reproduced in Jerry Brotton & Nick Millea’s Fifty Maps and the Stories They Tell [at Blackwell’s], a small companion publication for the Bodleian Library’s current Talking Maps exhibition. See TAI #49, TAI #130, and TAI #257. Those same three items and one more (TAI #128) are also reproduced in the exhibition catalogue for the exhibit, also called Talking Maps [at Blackwell’s]. TAI #130 and TAI #130 in particular are better quality reproductions than ever before available; they’ve only been reproduced previously in The Shaping of Middle-earth [at Blackwell’s]. See Fifty Maps and Talking Maps.

For a final addition, I’ve added new publication lines for TAI #1 and TAI #14, both of which were reproduced in last year’s excellent The Writer’s Map: An Atlas of Imaginary Lands [at Blackwell’s]. See Writer’s Map.

I’ve also made a beginning at implementing Jason Fisher’s excellent suggestion that each source book’s page include bibliographic information. There’s still some work to do on this front (there are more than 60 sources!), but it’s a good start.

The new item TAI #552 is the Allen & Unwin printed map of Middle-earth from 1954, annotated by Tolkien and Pauline Baynes as background for Baynes’s production of her 1969 poster map. Discovered by Blackwell’s in 2015, this copy of the map has been reproduced in both recent Bodleian volumes, and also in the new BnF book.

2018-08-17: I have entered the large quantity of new data generated by the Bodleian Libraries’s Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth exhibition and its two major publications, the eponymous Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth and the much smaller but still useful Tolkien Treasures. This gives us 69 new entries, for a total of 545 TAI listings!

2018-07-25: Added Tolkien Treasures entries for all relevant TAI items, including (but not limited to the following):

2018-07-19: Subject collections (stars, for example) were being sorted in an almost — but not quite — random order. They are now presented correctly in order by TAI number.

2018-07-17: A four-day visit to the Bodleian Library in Oxford let me check quite a bit of information. Today’s update incorporates all of that work, as well as a few other items that have come to my attention.







All images by J.R.R. Tolkien are copyright © The Tolkien Estate Limited or © The Tolkien Trust. The omission of greeting cards and jigsaw puzzles from the above list of sources is intentional.